Thursday, 27 April 2017

Checklist for designing a website

Steps you should consider, while preparing for web designing project.
Working on a website project is an exciting task, it require focus on both the user interface as well as the performance of your website. Though the delivery of a better design and performance of website is taken care by the web development company but it requires your time also to provide them with certain type of information about your organisation. Below are the step you should consider to get the best result. 

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Why You Want A Website?
This is very important to explain to your website designing company, as based on this they will decide the look of your website. So the first step is to discover and discuss the goal of your website.

This will help to get the idea about the following points.
1.       Who will visit your website?
2.       Why, people come to your website.
3.       What is the uniqueness of your business?

Choose Your Domain Name
Domain name of your website is very important; it would represent the identity of your organization over internet. Make sure to take care following points, before deciding your domain name. Domain name should be short and should have your company’s name in it, try to use .com domain. Choose an SEO friendly domain.

Make a List of -Number of Pages you Want in your website-If you want a photo shoot featuring your products, you can do that also.

Write the content for all the pages: You can either write your own or else can hire the services of a content writer to write the, content of your web pages.

Select The Font & graphics for your website: If you have logo then provide the PNG ,  format of your logo to the Website designing company and if you don ‘t have a logo, then get it done. Similarly choose the font for your webpage, as it should be consist in all the pages.

Provide Correct Contact Details: Make sure that you provide them updated contact number as well as email address, and update it even if in case it gets change in future.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

The best marketing of all is happy client’s

It’s not easy to retain and add more clients, as work we do is set in a competitive environment, where each and every website designing company is claiming them as the best, experienced and most creative. So when we get some appreciation from client, it pays for all the hard work put by our team. It is our firm believes that a satisfied customer is the best business marketing strategy of all ,as it is cheaper to retain a customers than to acquire new one as , if you have a good list of 100% satisfied customers they will not only bring new business to the company. 

Good work done in the past would help the organization in future to boost, but if you have good portfolio to show but not a good reputation with client, coupled with negative feedback, it won’t help you as much as it should be. 

We at Goldfish web designing company Delhi works to add value to client’s business, and our focus is to gain maximum client satisfaction and client’s loyalty, We work in way which require rigorous and insightful research and analytics , and this is the reason that our customers count on us, loyal to us and want to work with us. 

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